Composition : Protein 10%, fat 2 %, Ca-calcium 6 %, P-phosphorus 3 %.
Contains per kg :

Vitamin A, retinol acetate 1,000,000 IU, Vitamin D3, cholecalciferol 40,000 IU, Vitamin E, alpha-tocopherol acetate 4,000 mg, Vitamin K3, menadione sodium bisulfite 200 mg, Vitamin B1, thiamine hydrochloride 300 mg, Vitamin B2, riboflavin 800 mg, Vitamin B6, pyridoxine hydrochloride 400 mg, Folic acid 200 mg, Vitamin B12, cyanocobalamin 1 mg, Vitamin C, ascorbic acid 5000 mg, Calpan, Calcium D-pantothenate 1000 mg, Niacin, Nicotinamide 2500 mg, Biotin H2 20 mg, Iron-( Fe) sulfate 3000 mg, Copper-chelate 200 mg, Zinc-(Zn) sulfate 2,700 mg, Manganese-(Mn) sulfate 2,000 mg, Magnesium-(Mg) oxide 1,000 mg, Iodine-(I) 35 mg, Selenium-( Se) 5 mg, Taurine 20,000 mg, Omega 3-(from Schizochytrium limacinum) 2000 mg

Content of auxiliary substances: Brewer’s yeast, Cellulose, Silicon dioxide, Magnesium stearate. Regular, daily recommended dose: 1/2 tablet for cats. 1 tablet per 10 kg of dog’s body weight. Enhanced-therapeutic, daily recommended dose: 1 tablet for cats. 2 tablets per 10 kg of dog’s body weight.


  • Multivet is intended for all categories and ages of dogs and cats.
  • To strengthen immunity and resistance to diseases and infections, we recommend a regular, daily dose of Multivet 1 tablet per 10 kilograms of body weight.
  •  Multivet is recommended for sports, service and hunting dogs, especially during periods of increased physical activity. Multivet also proved to be good as a supplement in the diet of dogs and cats that were exposed to stress, long transports and changes in the environment. In such situations, the dog’s appetite decreases, and based on this, the depot and the stores of vitamins and minerals in the body decrease. In these cases, the recommended therapeutic dose of Multivet is 2 tablets per 10 kilograms of body weight.


  • 100 tablets

DrVet - MULTIVET - Premium supplements for dogs


Dogs and cats
 are exposed to certain physical effort and activities every day. Very often, the food that we use in the diet of our pets is not adequately nutritionally balanced, so deficits of certain minerals and vitamins occur in the body. That is why dog ​​and cat owners should use a product like this as a source of micro and macro elements for their pets. Our professional, breeding and exhibition experience led us to develop such a product, in order to meet the needs of pets that are exposed to physical effort, as well as their preparation for exhibitions and presentation. The level of minerals and vitamins is optimal to satisfy even the most demanding dog and cat. Minerals are most often in an organic (chelated) form, which is the form that the body can use most easily. The presence of Omega 3 fatty acids contributes to the positive effect of Multivet on several organs and metabolic processes in the body. Because of their biological roles, Omega 3 fatty acids are used in the diet of competitive dogs, older dogs and cats, animals suffering from chronic inflammation (osteoarthrosis, chronic kidney dysfunction, skin diseases). Omega 3 fatty acids play an important role in the functioning of the brain, the proper growth and development of young people, they reduce the factors for the development of heart diseases and arthritis.

Taurine is an essential amino acid in the diet of cats. The main role of this amino acid is to support the optimal functioning of the reproductive system as well as the sense of sight. Lack of food is manifested very quickly by increased tooth decay, reproductive disorders, cardiovascular disorders, and loss of vision. By including taurine in Multivet, it is possible to meet the daily needs for this amino acid.

Sporting and hunting dogs during the hunting season very often do not receive optimal doses of vitamins and minerals, so their health status deteriorates over time. Adult hunting dogs can receive a double daily dose of Multivet during the hunting season , in order to overcome potential health problems.

Multivet also performed well in feeding dogs that were exposed to stress, long transports and changes in environment. In such situations, the dog’s appetite decreases, and based on this, the depot and supplies of vitamins and minerals in the body decrease.

The number of ingredients, as well as their levels, indicate that it is a complex and high-quality product, intended for the nutrition of dogs and cats. We have experienced that the use of this product in the diet manifests positive effects in the first period of use.

The experiences we have gained as top breeders, doctors of veterinary medicine and nutritionists who deal with animal nutrition, as well as the advice we receive from professors and expert associates of the department of nutrition at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Belgrade, guarantee that with our products you will achieve the desired results.