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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I keep my pet’s food fresh?

The best way to keep the product fresh is to store it in the original bag, inside an airtight container. Since the product is naturally preserved, the longer it is open, the more the product can oxidize. It’s not recommended to freeze the pet food as this draws out the moisture in the kibble and, upon thawing, can cause mold.

To keep wet foods fresh, place them in a covered container in the refrigerator and make sure they are used within 1 – 2 days.

Whether feeding your pet wet or dry food, it’s important to wash their dishes regularly and thoroughly rinse them with clean water, as remaining food can attract bacteria and insects.

How should I store my pet food?

Dry diets should be stored in their original bags and resealed between feeding. Most small bags include a resealable zipper. If the bag does not have this feature, it’s recommended to keep the product in the original bag and store in a dry, airtight plastic or steel container with a lid.

Canned, wet diets, once opened, need to be covered and refrigerated in a sealed plastic or ceramic container. If your pet doesn’t like cold food, try warming it to room temperature before feeding. (please note: if you use a microwave put the product in an appropriate microwave-safe container and always check temperature before feeding).

How long will my pet’s food stay fresh?

For dry diets, palatability of the kibble remains at its best for one month after the bag is opened, however will be fine for up to two months so long as the bag is stored properly, in a cool, dry, airtight container.

Once opened, wet food should be refrigerated and consumed within two days. If left out at room temperature, it should be discarded after two hours.

Why is there a color variation in kibble?

Do not use any artificial colorings in the diet formulations. As a result, there are natural variations in the raw ingredients which results in a variation in the kibble color (this is comparable to different color variations you see when you purchase meat, fruits and vegetables). While this variation exists, only diets meeting the highest of quality standards with regards to their nutritional composition are released to the market. Contact us Image

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