Cat Yums Chees 3

Mmmmm…yummy! The extra meaty Cat Yums® with tempting cheese are made in a unique process – with the best ingredients and without the addition of sugar, grain and soy. What makes it so special: each snack is deliciously filled and gently cooked in the oven . This makes the Cat Yums® not only irresistibly delicious, but also juicy when you bite into them. Your cat will love these meaty snacks!

  • Juicy cat snacks with a visible filling
  • Extra meaty and with delicious cheese
  • Cooked gently in the oven
  • Sugar free formula
  • No grain, no soy
  • In a resealable bag


Meat and animal by-products 70.9%, vegetables, vegetable by-products, minerals, milk and dairy products (cheese powder 1.4%, corresponds to 3.2% fresh cheese), yeast


38.0% moisture
20.0% protein
12.0% fat content
1.5% crude fiber
7.5% crude ash


Nutritional physiological additives:

445mg 3a370 taurine

With antioxidant and preservative
with dyes.

Feeding recommendation:

For pampering in between.

We recommend for cats with an ideal weight of …

  • 3 kg: max. 3 pieces/day
  • 4 kg: max. 4 pieces/day
  • 5-6 kg: max. 5 pieces/day
  • 7-8 kg: max. 6 pieces/day

These are guidelines that may vary depending on age, activity level and breed. Take the amount fed into account in the daily ration and always provide sufficient drinking water.