Multi-Vitamin Paste for cats

Multi-Vitamin Paste for Cats

Beaphar Multi-Vitamin Paste for cats is a paste with 2 functions in 1 tube The combination of multi-vitamin and conditioning paste helps to promote a shiny and healthy coat. The yellow, multi-vitamin paste contains the vitamins and minerals that your cat needs, as well as taurine. Recommended for cats or kittens over 3 months. The brown conditioning paste contains Bio-MOS that actively stimulates the healthy intestinal flora of your cat.


Vit B1 395mg, vit B2 115mg, calcium pantothenate 125mg, nicotinamide 995mg, vit B6 115mg, vit B12 780ug, folic acid 22mg, biotin 2400mg, vit E 160iu, taurine 4425mg, MOS 4650mg, malt extract 3.7%.

Key Benefits:

  • A delicious, dual-action multi-vitamin and conditioning paste.
  • With an effective multi-vitamin formula containing key vitamins and minerals to support optimum health.
  • With taurine to support eye and heart function.
  • Easy feed paste to promote optimum condition.