Junior Cal

Junior Cal

Junior Cal is full of minerals and vitamins for pups and kittens Junior Cal gives the pet supple bones, strong teeth, and a healthy coat. It is also suitable for animals with young.

How to use

Puppies, young dogs, dogs of small breeds, cats – 1 measuring spoon a day (3g). To dogs of average breeds – 2 measuring spoons in the day (6g). Dogs of large breeds, pregnant and lactating animals – 3 scoops a day (9g) Duration of admission for puppies is 3-4 weeks, for kittens – 2-3 weeks.

Lightly moisten the normal pet food and mix it with the fodder additive Daily provide the animal with clean drinking water.


Protein – 1.9%, Fats – 0.3%, Ash – 66.4%

Moisture – 13.7%, Calcium – 22.9%

Phosphorus – 14.5%, Magnesium – 0.8%