Joint Fit Liquid

Joint Fit Liquid

Beaphar Joint Fit liquid is a complementary feed to assist in the maintenance of healthy joints in dogs of all ages. It is suitable for growing, active, working, and elderly dogs. Joints suffer a lot of wear and tear during a dog’s life. Feeding Beaphar Joint Fit every day will help maintain healthy, supple joints over the longer term. Joint Fit contains small, easily metabolized ingredients that are the building blocks of cartilage (glucuronic acid, glucosamine, proline, and chondroitine). Hyaluronic acid has been added to maintain joint lubrication. Copper and manganese have also been included for healthy skeletal growth and bone development.


Crude protein 25%, Crude fat 2%, Crude ash 14%, Crude fiber 0%, Moisture 3.7%, Ca 0.77%, P 0.28%, Na 0.26%, Mg 4.3%, K 0.8%

Key Benefits:

  • Made with premium quality, natural ingredients.
  • Delicious and functional treat sticks with active ingredients for maximum results.
  • Highly palatable for ease of feeding.
  • With a tasty meaty flavor.
  • Specially formulated to promote healthy joints and smooth movement in all dogs.
  • Aids mobility and agility.
  • Assists in the production and maintenance of cartilage.