Brewers Yeast

Brewers Yeast Tablets

Beaphar Brewer Yeast Tablets with garlic are natural food supplements specially formulated for cats and dogs. It contains extra vitamins and minerals to help your pet maintain healthy skin and a shiny coat. These treats also contain garlic, which is well-known for its beneficial properties.


yeast, minerals, vegetable by-products (1.6% garlic extract), oils and fats, sugars, protein 28.0%, fat 2.4%, fiber 9.0%, ash 28.0%, calcium 7.6%, phosphorus 5.7%, magnesium 0.12%, moisture 4.9%, sodium 0.12%

 Key Benefits:

  • Supplementary food for dogs over 6 weeks old.
  • Brewer’s yeast offers calcium and high-quality protein, rich in B vitamins, and is ideal for supporting healthy teeth and growing bones.
  • Biotin & zinc work with garlic to support healthy skin and glossy coats.
  • Easy-to-use tablets can be split easily or crushed into powder.
  • Great taste well-liked by a huge variety of dogs.