ADD CAL PET – Calcium, Phosphorus & Vitamin D3

Add Cal Pet


Each 20 ml contains

Ca : 350 mg

P : 280 mg

Vit D3 : 1600 IU

Excipients : Q.S


As a calcium supplement in puppies. 

As a supplement in pregnant & lactating bitches, as it helps in remineralisation of bone during lactation.

Prevents Rickets and bone deformity in the dogs and cats. 

Prevents osteomalacia in old age bitches and dogs.

Enhances healing process of fracture.

Dosage: orally

Puppies: 5 ml twice a day.

Adult dog :10 ml twice a day.

(or) as directed by a veterinarian.

Pour directly into the mouth or mash in the food.